• Class Schedules

  • Training Begins March 7th

    • Want to start earlier? You can start Feb 28th for $25. This will cover unlimited classes from Feb 28th - March 5th. Message me: 210-375-2348​

  • All Competitors Must have a profile set up

    • Click this Link > Select Tour/Consent > Sign Up > Enter complete info and sign consent

  • Zen Planner Member App. Download on App Store OR Download on Google Play

    • All classes must be scheduled through the Zen Planner Member App

    • Purchases are easiest on site if you upload your payment info: Log in to Zen Planner Member App > Menu > View Profile > Payment Methods > Add Payment Account > Credit or E-Check > Save.

  • 55 Minutes

  • Both Location Available to all Competitors

  • Boxing KO, Boxing KO (All Ages), Boxing Technique

    • Boxing Combo (Alternative) 

  • No Kickboxing 



  • Shown In Orange

  • 8 Possible Sessions

  • Be present for at least 5 of the 8

  • Speedway Location Only

  • During Boxing Technique Timeframe 8:30-9:25 PM

  • April 21st will be a light introduction into sparring 

  • Last week (June 10th- 15th) designated for leisurely running and bag work only, no sparring. 


Personal Training

  • Everyone will receive 3 Private Training Sessions (paid for by RECSA)

    • Additional Sessions Possible Pending Staff Availability 

  • Sessions May not Be With the same instructor Every Time

  • Suggested weeks/Dates Shown in GREY on the calendars

  • Sessions

    • 1st

      • Might be With Another Competitor Depending on Staff Schedule

      • To include the basics/fundamentals: Hand Wrapping, gloves, proper boxing stance, etc. 

    • 2nd

      • One on One Session

      • ½ work out, ½ Introduction to sparring

    • 3rd

      • One on One Session

      • ½ work out, ½ hard sparring

  • Please e-mail: with availability for first training for the weeks in grey. 

    • Be detailed and give multiple blocks of time for training. I will send reminders for the 2nd and 3rd session scheduling.

Personal Training Packages (RECSA Competitors Do Not Qualify for the 3 Session Special)

4 Sessions - $220

8 Sessions - $424

16 Sessions - $816

24 Sessions - $1176

48 Sessions - $2256 

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